Jocelyn Bonjour, France


Jocelyn Bonjour has been a Professor of Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics at the Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering at INSA Lyon, France, since 2005. He received his PhD at INSA Lyon in 1996. He was formerly Professor at the French Institute of Refrigeration (IFFI), Paris, France.

His research subjects are linked to liquid-vapor phase change heat transfer. This covers the fundamentals of boiling (e.g. bubble dynamics during boiling) and the application of phase-change heat transfer to heat pipes and to evaporators or condensers in refrigerating systems (vapor compression, soprtion chillers, ...). He is also involved in the energy efficiency of refrigerated enclosures for food transportation or conservation (refrigerated trucks, display cabinets, etc.)..

He is a regional editor of  International Journal of Refrigeration, one of the vice-presidents of Commission B1 of the IIR, and the Chairman of the Committee on the International Heat Pipe Conference.

Beyond his research activities, he has been the Director of the Center for Energy and Thermal Sciences of Lyon (CETHIL) from 2013 to 2018, and he was recently appointed as the Dean for Doctoral Studies in Mechanical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Civil Engineering and Acoustics of Université de Lyon..

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