Kashif Nawaz, United States

Research Staff

Dr. Nawaz received his MS and PhD in mechanical engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign during 2010 and 2013 respectively. His research interests include heat and mass transfer, two-phase flow, electronics cooling, micro/nano scale transport phenomena and energy conversion systems. He has published numerous journal articles in the field of heat and mass exchanger design and their application, multiphase flow and advanced thermal systems in prestigious journals including ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Applied Thermal Engineering and Physical Review Letters. His research work has been greatly appreciated at numerous conferences related to HVAC&R technology. Dr. Nawaz is an active participant in professional activities and services. He is an associate member of ASHRAE, ASME and AIAA. Dr. Nawaz has worked as senior heat transfer engineer at the Heat Transfer Center of Excellence (HTCoE) of Johnson controls Inc. Currently, he works as a Research and Development Staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory where he is actively involved in projects related emerging thermal system design, evaluation of alternative refrigerants, dehumidification systems, enhanced single and two phase heat transfer and applications, heat exchangers for HVAC&R, desalination and power generation applications.

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