Cold Chain Conformity & Performance Certification

Monday August 26, 2019 from 15:30 to 17:10

Room: 518c

TS-121.1 Certification of conformity and performance in the cold chain [KEYNOTE]

Gérald Cavalier, France



Cold chain certification

Gérald Cavalier.

1Cemafroid, Fresnes Cedex, France

Cold chain is indispensable to ensure perishable goods safety in our societies. It has strongly developed for more than 150 years and will develop even more during the next decades. As far as safety is involved its guarantee is searched and it is also the case for cold chain from its early beginning with Charles Tellier in 1876. With the increasing place of cold chain and its energy needs, it is now also necessary to ensure cold chain environmental efficiency. Certification is a way to guarantee safety and performance. Since the beginning, alongside with cold chain development, certification schemes were developed, through tests in a first time, then with product certification and then companies and staff certification. An overview of the available certification systems allows understanding the potential of certification to guarantee cold chain conformity and performance and to help its development all around the world. The analysis of cold chain certification development in 2019 in the world from farm to fork and from laboratory to pharmacy underlines the necessity of harmonisation of the standards and their development all around the world to improve the safety of cold chain and its environmental performance and reduce its energy consumption

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