Refrigerating Equipment Dynamics and Controls (1)

Monday August 26, 2019 from 13:40 to 15:00

Room: 524c

TS-112.3 A detailed dynamic modeling of the split-type air conditioner

Yang Yang, People's Republic of China

Hunan University


A detailed dynamic modeling of the split-type air conditioner

Yang Yang1, Chengqin Ren1, Lei Yu1, Zhao Wang1, Yangda Wan1.

1Hunan University, Changsha, People's Republic of China

For the vapor compression refrigeration cycle systems, there are many assumptions existed in its distributed parameter model of previous work which can loss the simulation accuracy. Such as the refrigerant-side pressure drop is neglected, the accumulator, connecting pipe and compressor lubricant are not considered sometimes and so on. In this paper, a detailed dynamic model of split-type air conditioner was developed based on SIMULINK. This model included multiple sub-models such as evaporator, condenser, compressor, electronic expansion valve, accumulator, and pipe. The evaporator and condenser were modeled by the distributed-parameter method and the refrigerant-side pressure drop was estimated. The accumulator with lubricant and connecting pipe used the single-node lumped parameter model. Then this model was verified by experimental data. The results showed that the system dynamic behavior was accurately captured.

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