Air Conditioning - Miscellaneous (1)

Monday August 26, 2019 from 15:30 to 17:10

Room: 524a

TS-123.3 Formation and growth of frost crystals on micro-sized objects llaced in boundary layer

Shohi Yokoyama, Japan

Tamagawa University


Formation and Growth of Frost Crystals on Micro-sized Objects Placed in Boundary Layer

Hidetoshi OHKUBO1, Haruka Agui1, SHOHI YOKOYAMA1, Sho Matsusita2.

1Tamagawa University, Tokyo, Japan; 2Maekawa Works, Ibaraki, Japan

When a solid surface is cooled below the solidification temperature of water, vapor condenses on the solid surface forming frost. The frost formation is a transient phenomenon where heat and mass transfer take place simultaneously. In this study, we attempted not to allow frost crystals to grow on the cooling surface. This was attempted by forming super-cooled liquid in the boundary layer so that frost crystal growth would occur away from the cooling surface. To do so, we placed micro objects within the boundary layer and frost crystals were allowed to grow in the boundary layer. Results show that we can control the growth of frost crystals by this method.

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