WS-4 - Workshop
Successful Applications of Industrial Heat Pumps

Wednesday August 28, 2019 | 08:30 to 12:00
Room: 520ad

The IEA HPT Annex 48 "Industrial Heat Pumps" (2016-2019) has been a joint venture of the  International Energy Agency (IEA) Heat Pumping Technologies " (HPT) with organizations from Austria, Denmark, France, Germany (Operating Agent), Japan, Switzerland and United Kingdom. The aim has been to actively contribute to the reduction of energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases by the increased utilization of heat pumps in industry.

The IEA Annexes have been part of the IEA roadmap to advance innovative energy technology, leading the process under international guidance and in close consultation with government and industry. The overall aim is to advance global development and uptake of key technologies to reach a 50% reduction in energy-related CO₂ emissions by 2050. The roadmaps identify priority actions for governments, industry, financial partners and civil society that will advance technology development and uptake to achieve international climate change goals.

Learning Objectives

  • Industrial heat pumps (IHP) are active heat-recovery devices that increase the temperature of waste heat in an industrial process to a higher temperature to be used in the same process or another adjacent process or heat demand.
  • While the residential market may be satisfied with standardized products and installations, most industrial heat pump applications need to be adapted to unique conditions. In addition a high level of expertise is crucial.
  • Best practice examples, successful applications of industrial heat pumps, guidelines and a model for the integration of a heat pumps into a process will be shown in the workshop.

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