- Plenary Session
Effective electrification and energy transition – The role of refrigeration technologies

Monday August 26, 2019 | 09:30 to 10:00
Room: 517a - Plenary

Climate change, cost reduction and massive availability of renewable energies are driving a shift from traditional energies- fossil fuels- to low GHG energy technologies: this is the energy transition.

Electrification using renewable energies is paramount to the energy transition along the whole value chain from generation to end-uses. Electrification can proceed by the use of electrons directly- direct electrification- or it can proceed indirectly by using carbon neutral fuels. However, in either case, it must be efficient. Efficient electrification implies deep decarbonisation of the economy; strong benefits for the customer (improvement of the energy performance); and optimized impact on the grid.

Cold technologies are part of this equation on many different fronts: improving the comfort and the energy performance of buildings and institutions; improving the productivity of industry; providing new solutions for remote areas; ensuring the safety and resilience of the grid (de-icing technologies).

The presentation will discuss the overall picture described above and will address some issues and trends for the future.


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